Types of Massage and Body Treatments

Swedish Massage
A classic soft tissue massage that calms, relaxes and relieves tension and stress associated with your vascular, muscular and nervous systems.
Sports Massage
Improves performance and endurance, reduces recovery time. This special massage designed with the athlete's needs in mind.
Deep Muscle Massage
A rigorous deep tissue massage to alleviate soreness and tension. Aggressive, penetrating muscle techniques used to improve circulation to your muscle tissue and reduce muscle tension.
Aroma Therapy Massage
A therapeutic massage that combines the use of essential oils, with integrated massage techniques that focuses on the client's tension areas in order to relieve stress, sore muscles and fatigue.
Acupressure Massage
Uses pressure on certain points to reduce pain and aids the healing process.
Myofascial Therapy
Uses gentle stretching of the muscles & fascia, which help increase circulation, healing time, and reduction of scar tissue.
Is a therapeutic method of relieving pain by stimulating key pressure points on the feet and hands. It is a complementary integrative health science to help promote good health and restore balance.
Warm Stone Therapy
Warm Stone Therapy A combination of swedish and therapeutic massage techniques with the use of the heat from the warm stones, to soothe and relax the muscles, improve circulation and deeply relax the mind and body.

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